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This section discusses loans and is dedicated to providing tips and advice on choosing financial products offered by banks including: home loans, mortgage refinancing, auto loans, car dealership financing facts, etc. See loans.

New home: What not to do when buying a new home. Seven common mistakes that should be avoided...more about a new home buying process.

Home equity loans and equity lines of credit misconceptions. A home equity loan is a closed, one time loan, on which you make a monthly...more about a home equity loan.

Car loan: All car buying guides suggest that it is much better to secure an auto loan, before you go shopping at a dealership...more about a car loan.

Payday loans are unsecured, short term, usually small loans, offered with terms which can be compared to those of street loan sharks...more about a payday loan.


This section examines credit score facts, the importance of knowing your credit score, practices of credit reporting agencies, and how to improve your credit rating.
See credit.

Credit cards: Banks make a tremendous amount of money from people who do not pay their credit card balance in full every month. Competition for those clients drives...more about a credit card.

Prepaid cards: A government agency can deposit unemployment benefits, child support payments directly into the prepaid card...more about a prepaid card.

For people with no credit history, a secure credit card is an excellent way of getting their first card and establishing credit. However, before the credit card application is approved...more about a secure credit card.

Bumping up your credit score by just about 100 points can save a few thousand dollars in interest on a car loan, and several hundred dollars a month on a home loan...more about credit score.


This section explores the following topics: how to compare different insurance products, ways of researching insurance companies, and getting affordable insurance quotes online. Life, auto, and home insurance discounts are discussed. See insurance.

Insurance discounts: There are many discounts insurance companies offer to attract clients. These discounts can make a real difference in your insurance quote...more about insurance discounts.

Insurance companies: State insurance departments can provide valuable information on companies licensed in a particular state, including average homeowner insurances rates and frequency of complaints...more about insurance companies.

Life insurance provides financial security to your family in the event of your death. While many believe that single people do not need life insurance...more about life insurance.

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This section concentrates on investments and explores saving for retirement, focusing primarily on 401K plans and Roth IRA accounts.
See investing.

401K plan: A matching contribution is a slowly disappearing feature of a 401K, which can be a gold mine for those whose employers still mach a percentage of contributions...more about a 401 K plan.

To find out more about mutual funds and other 401K investment options, ask your plan administrator...more about 401K investments.

Why a Roth IRA is considered one of the best financial vehicles into which you can put your money...more about Roth IRA.

Debt and Bankruptcy

Many of us are in debt due to credit cards, student loans, tax bills, medical bills, the bad economy, and more. This section shares debt tips, information, guides, and solutions. Additionally, we discuss bankruptcy.
See debt.

Consolidating Debt: Consolidating your debt has many advantages such as lowering your monthly payment, stopping the harassing phone calls from creditors, avoiding bankruptcy, and taking control of your financial destiny by fighting back. Learn about debt consolidation, why you should consolidate debt, and more.

Bankruptcy: Sometimes there is no other option than filing for bankruptcy. Our guide provides easy to understand information about the bankruptcy process, the types of bankruptcy, new bankruptcy laws, and more to assist in your financial decisions.

Financial News

The global financial system has been very tumultuous as of late. Banks are going out of business, we are facing difficult times, and the government is stepping in to help. In facing this historic time, How Much Answers takes a look at the latest news, answering your money questions about current news developments.
See money news.

We start with The HOPE NOW Program and a discussion of Obama and Taxes.




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